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Muar is a prominent furniture hub of Malaysia. In the early days of development, Muar only consisted of budget hotels to cater travellers who come here to do business especially concerning either furniture or microelectronics. These travellers were unlikely to stay in Muar because the hotels here could not match their lodging preferences. Instead, they will take the trouble to travel to & fro to Melaka just to find suitable accommodation to fulfill their needs. Melaka has hotels that have good blends of comfort & local culture. That was when Muo Boutique Hotels, the brainchild of our three bosses, Mr. Max Chia Kai Yue, Mr. Chia Su Keat & Mr. They Chei Boon had been set up. Trust was what binded them together. The three partners are anak jati Muar. Mr Su Keat acquired a degree in accounting & after working at the Royal Bank of Canada, Cyberjaya, for a couple of years, he returned to Muar in 2013 to start his own F&B business. On the other hand, Mr. Chei Boon has his foot in a few businesses such as automobile & laundry services. Mr. Max's parents own a travel agency that has been operating for over 43 years; he has experience as a travel guide in the agency, travelling overseas bringing Muar locals, from as young as 15 years old. The young trio met at a Chinese Chamber of Commerce Muar (CCCM) meeting. The troika were sitting at a restaurant one day discussing business. As Muar was in the midst of tourism development, they agreed to set up a hospitality establishment, specifically a hotel, to reflect the town's rich local heritage & providing an ideal lodging place for travellers. Coincidentally, when they were discussing this plan, the local council had already begun intense efforts to promote Muar as a tourist spot. Being bold about what they're doing was the right thing to do at the right time, the three dived in to build up a boutique hotel in Muar.

about us


It took the bosses two weeks to identify a perfect spot to establish the hotel. Then they found this gem of a location, and they thought to themselves there couldn't be a better place than this! The hotel overlooks the pristine Muar river, giving out guests scenic window views of the river & the stunning town. The three-storey, 10 000 square feet building was previously occupied by Affin Bank, after which it was left vacant for more than four years. It took one year for the partners to renovate the place. They converted the almost rundown space to a hotel of a different concept, wanting our guests to experience the city by staying in the hotel. Mr. Su Keat got in touch with his school history & arts teachers & exchanged views on how to best reflect Muar's story in the hotel. That is our concept. The illustration of all things Muar is famous for - from arts & culture to street food - on paintings, t-shirts & postcards. If you step into the hotel, you will be taken back to your childhood years with displays of old television sets, radios, antique lamps, woven baskets, wooden chairs & tables; we even sell various old-time candies, the taste of yesteryears. Our hotel was officiated by Tn. Haji Ramli bin Hj Abdul Rahman, the Timbalan Setiausaha of Kerajaan Johor.